God’s Hybrid Son : The Human Element In Jesus – by Paul G. Johnson

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The public image of Jesus is shaped by his walking on water and converting water into wine. It all but defines his divinity. In this book his humanity is lifted up, not as a model for Christian behavior, but to make the Incarnation more genuine. That happens because our human nature is incorporated.

The Human Element in Jesus helps understand his angry and wrathful utterances. Since all human beings are flawed, the Incarnation would be a bridge to nowhere if he was the one and only exception.

The mercy in his teachings reflects his divinity. Mercy becomes dominant in his Holy Week suffering, death, and resurrection.

The author focuses on Jesus as “true God and true man,” exemplified in his book’s title, God’s Hybrid Son. It celebrates both Christ’s oneness with God and his oneness with us, connecting the Incarnation with reality.

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