Gifts from an Empty Suitcase and Other Short Stories : And Twenty Poems – by Aviva Butt

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Gifts from an Empty Suitcase and Other Short Stories: And Twenty Poems presents an array of stories and poetry about people in our turbulent, modern world that encompasses both East and West. It is a world filled with tragedy and a growing refugee population.
The fate of birds is also interwoven within these tales of human joy and sadness.
These fascinating stories are truly Gifts, and are set in Egypt, Afghanistan, Michigan and Australia. The poems often complement the stories, with the last poem describing Dunedin, New Zealand, where the author now lives.

The characters are all ages and come from all walks of life. They are Arab; Jewish-American; Hispanic; Israeli; Japanese; and Australian, both white and indigenous.

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Keywords:- Kangaroo, White, Cockatoo, Pink, Grey, Galah, Tragedy.

Genres:- Fiction, Short Stories (single author), Poetry, General.

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