Georgia Is On My Mind : A Tale of a Guardian Angel – by Gary Lunsford

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When the Leeds brothers began experiencing mysterious occurrences as children, they had no idea that this was the beginning of a lifetime of strange happenings. Georgia, the boys’ grandmother, passed away before the brothers were even born, but it seems that she couldn’t leave her grandsons to fend for themselves.

Follow Wayne, Edward, Richard, Walter Ian, and Billy Lee as they grow up with their own guardian angel. The brothers each follow their unique paths, some more similar than others, yet nonetheless they all find themselves in some tough spots. Time after time, Georgia appears and saves the day and the Leeds brothers have no idea why.

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Keywords:- Family Fictional Biography, Action, Alien Abduction, Near Death Experience, Ghost Intervention, Guardian Angels, Viet Nam War Battle, Hot Summer Fun, Warm Family Christmas’s, 1960’s Kicks, Athletic, Religious, 144,000 Jews, Gang Fights, Jail Time, New Mexico Old West, Rags To Riches, Fortune Tellers, Sooth Sayer, End Of The World Predictions, Girlfriends, Marriage, Divorce, Haunted House, Car And Motorcycle Accidents, Summer Water Activities, Orbs, Apparition.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Mysteries & Detective Stories, Action & Adventure.

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