Garcia’s Smoking House – by Kevin Glancy

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In 2018, the country has changed dramatically.
It is now a place where laws dictate nearly every aspect of citizens’ lives. The spirit of freedom is rapidly dying and the people, within its boundaries, are in despair, bewilderment, and subjugation. Their frustration builds and violence erupts as the country spirals into anarchy.
Commander Alan Draper, head of the Special Operations Anti-Terrorist Squad, and William Tolfer, Minister for Homeland Security, will use whatever means necessary to keep their powerful positions, and enact another law that will further oppress the masses and bring chaos to fruition. Both have secrets of their own, but with government ruling with an iron fist, those secrets remain buried.
Tony Ellison, an amateur political activist, is obsessed by the country’s lost democracy. With the arrival of the Smoking House law and violence increasing, Tony is intent on risking everything to change the political climate. Enlisting the help of David Merchant, an unemployed man with a mysterious past, the two will take on big government with the purpose of regaining what has been lost. Will they succeed or will they die trying?
Kevin Glancy writes a chilling fiction that raises questions about how the powers that be can insidiously promote their agendas under the guise of social change for the greater good. With a riveting plotline incorporating political perceptions, it is an unsettling prediction of life in the future for any western democracy.

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Genres:- Science Fiction & Fantasy.

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