Gaia and Tityas : What Homo sapiesns have done – by Denis Frith

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Gaia is the gigantic organism that has evolved on Planet Earth. It is the mountains, plains, forests, grasslands, deserts and rivers. It is the climate and ocean currents. It hosts the creatures that have played their part in operations in Gaia for eons.

Homo sapiens has developed in recent times the means to use some of Gaia’s resources to grow its civilization, Tityas, the offspring of Gaia. They have done this without understanding the consequences of using up the limited natural wealth. The e.greed bacteria, money, rules their thoughts and decisions. They do not understand that natural forces always govern what happens, even when technology uses this wealth. They do not prepare for the demise of Tityas.

These essays examine aspects of what can be expected during the senescence of Tityas. They provide guidance on coping with the inevitable powering down.

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Keywords:- Continuing Domination By Gaia’s Natural Forces, Depleting Natural Capital, Ecological Realism, Senescence Of Tityas, Ravishing By The Money Virus, Wear And Tear Of Our Cities, Challenging Future For Society, Divestment Of Natural Wealth Of Gaia, Unsustainability Of Material Wealth Of Tityas, Gaia, Ecology, Realism, Natural, Resources, Future.

Genres:- Nature, Ecology, Environmental Conservation & Protection, General, Business & Economics, Environmental Economics.

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