Friends and Betrayals – by Richard Duggan

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John Ryan and Frank Genovo grew up together and were lifetime friends, but as they grew into manhood their lives took them into different directions.  John practices law and Frank practices flaunting the law.  Frank has more ladies than he can handle.  John has only one lady, and he can hardly handle her.

Frank also is a highly skilled, but somewhat shady businessman, and takes competition very seriously, especially from an out-of-state competitor.  Both will do almost anything to discourage competition between one another.

B.J. is a dedicated assistant prosecuting attorney, not only to her county, but for her deceased best friend and former college roommate.  She is vengeful and carries a secret with her into every criminal courtroom, nearly destroying herself and her marriage in the process.

Chuck Robertson, a successful businessman, is forced into taking in a silent partner, and after a long wait he is finally able to get revenge.

Ben Mathis is a highly skilled engineer, and he has been promised a lifetime career job, until the promise is broken by a bigoted boss and a co-conspirator.

Friends and Betrayals takes you into police stations, judges’ chambers and courtrooms, and lets you become a virtual participant in criminal investigations, civil depositions and court proceedings.

Friends and Betrayals combines intimate relationships, friendships and mystery, and has a surprising ending.

Keywords:-Love, Intimacy, Family Devotion, Husband and Wife Law Partners, Marital Difficulties, Assault, Rape, Revenge.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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