Forth–Millennium 3 – by Christopher D.Corran

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JOIN EBER IN THE AFTERLIFE … Is he alone? Where is his wife? What must he do? What can YOU do WHEN YOU ARE DEAD?

Eber, a Mormon priest, is murdered by Islamist jihadists. Cast out of his body, he finds himself among the dead. Exercising his priesthood keys of authority, Eber is escorted to Paradise …

He discovers that his solitary condition creates obstacles, but rejoices to find in the economy of God’s wisdom, his Spirit World stewardship is added to by a number of sacred female Covenanters.

Follow the discussion between Eber and his Islamist executioner. Explore the religion of Islam and its prophet. Join the dead as they discuss Islam’s Arabian origins. Journey through the Surah of the Qur’an and the Hadith Commentaries … and read what is described by its followers as Holy Writ. Discover how and why Abraham was introduced into the Qur’an by Lucifer.

Ponder upon the coming Apocalypse … the Mother of All Wars … as 5,500,000,000 die in the mortal world. Watch as hordes of the dead burst through the Veil of Death … INTO THE DARK SPIRIT PRISON.

Rise with the Angels of Paradise as they are Resurrected…to come FORTH with Christ at THE SECOND COMING and begin THE THIRD MILLENNIUM.

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Keywords:- Islam, Spiritual, Afterlife, Armageddon, Mormon, Priesthood, Resurrection.

Genres:- Christian, Futuristic, Occult & Supernatural, Fiction, Religious.

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