Fire and Brimstone – Reality : To Live or Die: That is the Question? – by J. D. James

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Religious transformation sets the foundation for the powerful book Fire and Brimstone – Reality: To Live or Die: That Is the Question?

This very personal book follows the author’s transformation from atheist to Christian at age 56 through a direct intervention by God. It includes the author’s testimony of these events that brought faith into his life.

Fire and Brimstone discusses the grip of fear throughout society, and the manipulation of Satan in all the mayhem and sin taking place around the world. The book shows the biblical evidence of God and of the prophesied chaos, not only now, but in the future.

Many are living an existence hurtling toward destruction, but the author’s personal verses point toward a saviour, if only people would be willing to grasp this chance. Otherwise, they truly face the reality of fire and brimstone.

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Keywords:- Life or Death, The Creator’s Calling, Eternal Life, Eternal Fire, The Choice is Yours.

Genres:- Religion.

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