Fate of the Light – by Christine Dela Cruz Tomas

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The third child of light was prophesied to kill the Ufiad King.

So the Ufiad King ambushed the Light Kingdom in the middle of the night to kill the child in the queen’s womb before the child was born.

The Light sorceress Inin cast a spell on the queen’s womb and the child disappeared before the Ufiad King could get to her.

Years pass and the fast-footed fairy Lorac was sent by the head Fairy of the Underbrush to fetch the third child where it was hidden.

Meanwhile, the Light people planned an ambush that would be suicidal if the key to their success was not accomplished.

Allo, the brother and only survivor, hid in the village as a son of an ordinary farmer, suffering with his people their plight of extreme deprivation in the hands of the Darks.

Events that follow were not as everyone expected, except for the Head Fairy, who seemed to know what is in store for Lorac and the Light people.

Allo and Lorac met a few interesting characters as they wove through two different roads, sometimes intersecting at points, including a queer clan of underground dwellers, who seemed to take everything in stride and got the best of every circumstance.

The story is set in the strange but strangely familiar world of mystical creatures and characters mixed with lifelike troubles and desires.

The whole story centers around a necklace of green fire gem and how the fate of a people is determined by this one small object.

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Keywords:- Fantasy, Fate, Light, Novel, Romance, Adventure, Magic.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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