Farewell to Conflict – by Rudolph A. Peart

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Farewell to Conflict provides nonstop action in a crime novel that takes place in balmy Jamaica.

Larry Lawless was born and raised in the ghetto. In high school he became a track star and met his girlfriend, Karen la Beach, who had a middle class upbringing.

After graduating from university, Larry moves to Ocho Rios to set up a woodworking business. There he hopes to locate his mother’s relatives, since he never knew any other family than his mother.

As he grapples with building his business, he is diverted by the murder of Karen’s uncle, as well as a woman found naked and spread-eagled with her wrists and ankles bound to the bedposts in her uncle’s home. Karen wants Larry to help her conduct their own investigation of the crime.

Besides murder, extortionists target Larry’s business, wanting a share of the profits.
Will the couple be able to solve the murders, stop the extortion and bid Farewell to Conflict? Or will there be a bloody closure?

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Keywords:- Leach kicked the Gun, DNA Analysis, Tiger by the Tail, Ocho Rios, Vengeance is Mine, You’re a killer Larry Lawless, Respect the Rastaman.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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