Falls the Shadow : Move Toward the Light – by Stephen O’Reilly

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Falls the Shadow is a creative exploration into the journey of life. From seeking to know the answers to philosophical questions to discovering truth as it is relevant to the reader, this book objectively lays out four separate narratives to help one discover meaning in life.  Falls the Shadow brings perspective and connection to light through history. Between each narrative, Falls the Shadow creates a murky, surreal and horrifying setting in which a being, a spirit, a “something” is on a journey toward … what? The answer is for the reader to figure out. Falls the Shadow takes the reader into the lives of Artemis Chambers, an ambitious young politician in colonial Boston; Belinda Ashbury, a vibrant, tough Southern belle taken hostage during the Civil War; Izzy Eisenovich, an aging Jewish immigrant cobbler in turn-of-the-century Philadelphia; and Linda Newman, a disabled former professor of linguistics, fighting for dignity at the end of her life in modern day New England. How are all these people connected?  How does the revelation of their stories shed light on the subject of human existence? And who or what is the entity in the tunnel that creates a bridge between life and death? As readers will discover, Falls the Shadow is more than just another novel, it is a thought-provoking, life-enhancing piece of fiction that involves the reader with each new drama that unfolds.

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Keywords:- History, fantasy, death, hope, light, reincarnation, life, journey, philosophy, truth, perspective, surreal, spirit, self-preservation, anger, forgiveness, love, thought, existence, awakening, drama, imagery.

Genres:- Visionary & Metaphysical, Fiction, Suspense.

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