Exilio – by AC Martinez-Fortun

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In the fall of 1968, a man and a boy each take a separate flight to Madrid, Spain. The boy is an exile from Cuba; the man is a wealthy uncle from Newark sent to meet and care for the boy. A few days later, the man is found dead in a luxury hotel room and the two never meet.
Inspector Torres, a man haunted by the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, leads the baffling murder investigation, which is hobbled by insufficient evidence and no apparent motive. Doggedly, he pursues leads among the Cuban exile community in Madrid, eventually deducing that the solution to the murder can only be found in the past.
The consequences of a love triangle during the Spanish Civil War decades earlier echo through time as international intelligence agents engage in a deadly competition amidst the events of the Cold War…and amongst each other. Torres must somehow find the connection between these events and the unforeseen abandonment of the exiled boy, while keeping his own tortured past from taking over his life.

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Genres:- Fiction, Adventure.

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