Echo Three Tango – by Dennis K. Hausker

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Echo Three Tango, E3T, is dropped into a war zone on a new planet facing a savage foe capable of destroying all life forms. Surviving the forced retreat of their E3T corps, Bret and a small band of his Federation soldiers are stranded and left behind to create a new society.

The primitive culture on the planet evolves with the introduction of the Federation’s modern weapons, new societal norms, and beliefs. At first, the people look up to their E3T benefactors, but with time, find it a two-edged sword, as old ways are replaced by the new.

As Federation visitors start to arrive on the planet, new temptations arrive with them. Bret marries Beca, a beautiful local woman who answers the call of her people to help govern.

They agree Beca must live in the capital city as a ruler, but Bret and their children live apart in the country to shield them from danger. Over time, their separation leads to friction and jealousy for Bret.

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Keywords:- Action Adventure, Space, Deadly, Harrowing, Courageous, Romance, Jealousy.

Genres:- Romance.

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