Dyslexia – An Amazing Discovery – by Jacqui Vittles

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Inspirational, moving and truly uplifting are perfect words to describe author Jacqui Vittles’ memoir, Dyslexia – An Amazing Discovery. This book is not just about dyslexia, but about Jacqui’s personal experience of being dyslexic and not knowing.

At 46 and having already earned an MBA, held down high-powered management jobs and run her own business, Jacqui made the life-changing discovery she describes as “emerging from a tunnel into the light for the very first time.”

For so many who have been labeled stupid or lazy, this book will help them to explore whether they too might be dyslexic, but not know it. It is also an important tool for helping parents and teachers understand how dyslexia might be affecting a child’s behaviour and how a child might be seeing the world, yet is unable to express it.

“I feel so passionate about helping non-dyslexics to get an insight into this strange but all too common world that dyslexics experience, through description as opposed to a dry listing of symptoms. We’re intelligent but we’re often treated like dunces. We have to work a hundred times harder, just to reprocess life’s information into a form we can deal with – and then we’re called slow and lazy for our pains!”

Gut-wrenching, heart-warming and inspiring, this book will fascinate readers.

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