Diverse but Not Broken : National Wake Up Calls for Nigeria – by Iyorwuese Hagher

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This stunning collection of essays, speeches, and addresses presents a portrait of Nigeria as seen by one of the country’s best public intellectuals—the scholar and diplomat, Ambassador Iyorwuese Hagher.

The book captures in lucid prose and engaging erudition a rich trove of information about Nigeria and its place in the new world order with brilliance, boldness, and provocation.

Hagher weaves in his rich and varied service experience in public life to deliver a searing indictment of the Nigerian political class, as well as the world’s unjust socio-economic order.

Diverse but Not Broken also provides insights into the reasons for the collapse of Nigerian President Jonathan’s administration, and the book stands as a major contribution to Nigeria’s cultural diplomacy. Its vivid narrative of the country’s place in the global community provides a rich collection on a diversity of topics, coming from a brilliant mind that envisions profound new vistas that translate Nigeria’s prospects for greatness into a reality.

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Keywords:- Hagher, Cultural Diplomacy, Nigeria, Leadership, Institutional Culture, Corruption, Youth and Politics, Intellectual.

Genres:- Science.

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