Defeat, Trauma, Lesson : Israel Between Life and Extinction – by Raphael Israeli

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History books are usually written by victors, while the defeated write poetry and words of nostalgia hoping for better days.

This volume takes major defeats in Jewish history and tries to describe what happens to a defeated nation, and how in the specific case of Israel and the Jews, the trauma of defeat engenders hope and forces the survivors to learn lessons for the future.

The destruction of the two Jewish temples in antiquity, the Holocaust, and the 1973 War serve as case studies to illustrate the problematic.

National grief as a result of disasters is a process of recuperation. Drawing lessons learned from the event will help the nation come out of trauma. Survivors commemorating the dead also help that process.

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Keywords:- Sho’a, Temple, Yom Kippur War, Defeat, Trauma, Lesson, History.

Genres:- Historical Fiction.

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