Death on Pause (based on actual events: 2006-2007) : The Troy Machalek Diaries – by Derek N. Burnell

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When the beautiful Taiwanese model Kaelyn Yen is drugged and held captive by the manager of one of America’s most coveted modelling agencies, she realises the recent deaths of her sister, mother, and father were not accidents, but meticulously planned events initiated by her Triad-affiliated relatives.

Soon after, the Mafia assumes control, and Kaelyn’s boyfriend joins forces with the FBI to bring her extortionists to justice. However, not all schemes go according to plan.

What begins as a routine kidnap and rescue soon escalates into an international pursuit through the streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Taipei, and Hong Kong. It leads to the torture and murder of Kaelyn’s two best friends, and causes the FBI’s key witness to commit suicide just weeks before she is due to give evidence in court.

Spanning the globe from America to Asia, and set amidst a backdrop of Hollywood glitz-and-glamor, mixed cultures, and criminal activity, Death on Pause is a riveting crime/thriller based on a real person’s living nightmare and the events that have since dominated her once blessed and envious life.

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Keywords:- Crime, Thriller, Murder, FBI, Triad, Kidnapping, Corruption.

Genres:- Mystery.

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