Dear Prudence – by Amanda Grieme

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An eccentric psycho-med guinea pig masked behind a guise of beauty and eloquence, Ana is plagued by confusion due to her bipolar/schizo-affective disorder. With her secrets recorded in unsent letters stored in her coveted backpack, she feels that the only way to let her loved ones live life to the fullest is to take herself out of the equation.

But as she makes her escape from a Rhode Island State Hospital and begins her journey toward the crystal blue waters of the Florida Keys and her romantic demise, Ana is unaware that there are other forces at work. An angelic guide assigned by the universal weaver to Ana hovers just an inch above her reality, helping or hindering her as she goes, depending on what is needed.

Is Ana’s life just a knot in Mother Fate’s tapestry or is it something more?

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Genres:-General Fiction

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