Dealing with Testing Times : “Remaining Strong, Healthy and Happy in Crises” – by Robert Elias Najemy

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Learn how to remain healthy, happy, and positive during Testing Times in this all-encompassing book that will surely enrich your life.

Discover how you can transform all situations and events into opportunities to become a stronger, happier person.

Cultivate positive thoughts and feelings, and use Energy Psychology to free yourself from fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions.

Use Twelve-Step Manifestation Process to manifest your ideal life.

Transform your current reality by using methods to create alternative perceptions that result in more inspired solutions.

Learn the art of living in the present moment, letting go of the importance you give to what other people think.

Discover the power of forgiveness.

By creating peace through truth, we open ourselves to the best possible future.

This is our challenge.

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Keywords:- Crisis, Happiness, Success, Peace, Life, Health, Faith.

Genres:- Self-Help, Personal Growth, Success.

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