Deadlier Than the Male – by F. Maddox

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Peter Milton would never forget the nerve jarring sound of that cell door slamming shut behind him. It was just deserts for this devious man, so consumed by dreams of wealth and power, he rode roughshod over anyone who got in his way to achieve those dreams. He marries his Managing Directors daughter, purely as a stepping stone towards getting his hands on the business. When his goal is achieved, she becomes of no use to him, and cheats on her at every opportunity. He meets a beautiful, but mysterious woman. As clever as he thinks he is, he is no match for her, as she leads him into an elaborate trap resulting in a prison sentence and the loss of his business, his home, and his dignity. On release, he sets about climbing back up the social ladder by the only means his devious brain knows, cheating on the people who trust him. He even orders the disposal of his girlfriend who gets in the way of his plans. Once again he underestimates the female, and once again he finds himself imprisoned. This time for a murder he did not commit.

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Keywords:- Mystery, Suspense, Peter Milton, From Rags To Riches, Web Of Deviousness And Deceit, High Powered Businessman, Power Obsessed Ruthless Man , Cat And Mouse Crashing Business Empire.


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