Darknos: The Legend Returns – by Daniel J. Willyard

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One thousand years ago, the Alpha Quadrant was in turmoil as a great civil war raged between planets.

To put an end to the senseless fighting, King Acco, from the planet Delphinus, used superior technology to build an enormous fighting robot called DrakNos. After many fierce battles, DrakNos put an end to the war and the opponents, the Drakkaunes, were banished into the Great Void as punishment for their war crimes.

With the war over, DrakNos was no longer needed. As years of peace followed, the robot became nothing more than a legend, until the Drakkaunes rebuilt their civilizations and started a new campaign to reclaim the Alpha Quadrant. With their fleet now ready to attack, DrakNos the legend has returned.

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Keywords:- Science Fiction, Action Adventure, Epic Space Adventure, Giant Robots, Robot Dragons, Dragon, Starships, Space Battles, Voltron, Star Trek, Star Wars, Humorous, Exciting Story, Romance, Archaeologists, Outstanding Plot Line, Great Characters.

Genres:- Science Fiction & Fantasy.

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