Curse of the Lost Journal – by Mark A. Wilson

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Within an abandoned apartment building soon to be demolished, Thomas Mortenson stumbles across an old, leather bound journal with a mysterious insignia on the front cover. As he reads the opening paragraph, he is surprised to learn about a man’s incredible quest for gold in Southern Russia back in 1938. Seeking the advice of a well-traveled man by the name of Mr. Wilson, Thomas listens to the old man’s tale about his own amazing adventures escaping Nazis and arms dealers, and even encountering an unusual group of people with remarkable powers, all during his travels across Europe.

The mystery unfolds when Thomas discovers the truth behind the journal, the insignia, and their connection to Mr. Wilson’s past. As he pieces together the clues to this puzzle, Thomas must decide if he wants to pick up where the journal ends – and let his own adventures begin!

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Genres:- Fiction, Adventure.

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