Crossing the Line – by Emerald T. Stone

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Kinara Worthington is a beautiful young woman who has had a tough life. To survive, she has learned to be tough herself. Coming from the mean streets of Boston with a biracial background, Ki, through the guidance and love of her mother and the financial support of a father she only knew from afar, attended prestigious Harvard University. She is finally beginning to make it in the business world.

Trust and love come hard for Ki, until she meets Antonio Roman, a powerful and rich Latino. Ki falls in love with her Latin lover and they make a pact for a future together.

But Antonio’s step-brother, Fernando, hates Antonio and seeks to destroy any happiness Antonio finds. With a new weapon in his arsenal, Fernando uses the love Antonio feels for Ki and begins Crossing the Line.

Ki doesn’t even realize that a line has been crossed until it’s too late. Can Antonio accept Ki as she is or will Fernando have destroyed two people’s chance at happiness? This gritty romance is an updated Romeo and Juliet, by way of West Side Story.

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Keywords:- Erotic, Funny, Intriguing , Nasty, Memorizing , Page turner, Off The Chain, Winning.

Genres:- Fiction, Romance, Contemporary Women.

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