Cougar’s Crossing : A Canadian Historical Novel of Pioneer Adventure : Second Edition Revised – by Lillian Ross

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The real story of Frank (Cougar) Wright tells of a loud, brash, irreverent, pioneer to the Canadian Northwest from Wisconsin and the forests of Washington. Cougar swore like a trooper, and didn’t believe in a higher power than his own strength, but he loved his family and wanted them to join him in his struggle to tame the wilderness in Canada. The book is filled with romance, adventure, even a ghost story, and there is a thread of mystery winding through its pages. Tempers run high in a drama of wounded love and jealousy in this rugged era. Cougar’s family’s dance with destiny would shake his world and theirs.

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Keywords:-Lillian Ross, Historical, Novel, Based on Fact, Pioneer, Adventure, Mystery.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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