Control Room – by Mike Miller, Jr.

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The ancient Nazca lines, Peru. For years they have been there, looking up at the stars, and only visible from the air.

Archaeologist Alisa Bellsong is part of the excavation of Cahuachi, the religious center of the ancient civilization responsible for creating these ancient wonders.

One evening, she discovers an astounding, futuristic chamber buried deep beneath the central temple. Inside is modern technology that was obviously not put there by the Nazca.

A few months later, after the militarization of the project, physicist Dr. Robert Wade, after many weeks of calculations, learns the terrible truth of what was buried so many years ago. But before he can brief the rest of the team, he and the head archaeologist disappear, soldiers guarding the chamber are found dead, and the technology has been activated.

Enter Dr. Jake Pendleton, a one-of-a-kind genius physicist, as well as a heroic member of the Army’s Delta force, with unique skills that make him the only one who could make sense of what’s happened. He also has a personal stake, because Dr. Wade was his mentor.

With Alisa’s help, Jake must answer the questions everyone is asking. What is this thing? What happened to the scientists? Why was the technology activated and what does it do? And most importantly, can it be stopped?

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Keywords:- Adventure, Nazca, Archaeology, Science, Special Forces, Physics, Energy.

Genres:- Thriller.

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