Coming Crises and Their Solutions – by Henry Markant

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This is a book about the inconvenient truth. In order for voters and political leaders to make intelligent judgments and be able to design programs that are responsive to likely future events, it is essential that people fully grasp the significance of what lies ahead.

Most of our problems arise from unexpected consequences. Coming Crises is an attempt to alert the public and our leaders to the problems being ignored, glossed over, misrepresented for political reasons or grossly mishandled due to incompetence. Whether we like it or not, we are all in this together, irrespective of ideology.

Coming Crises and Their Solutions: An American’s Handbook to Future Game Changers analyzes 35 crises that we are either experiencing or will have to face in the near future.

How we deal with them and whether they can be solved without having to react to catastrophes after the fact, will determine the nature of our future. Much will depend on whether the public can be made to understand the realities of their alternatives.

Life-altering events include impending medical breakthroughs, new forms of alternative energy, nanotechnology, overdue geophysical and cosmic cycles, as well as the profound ethical challenges of artificial intelligence, robotics and genetic engineering.

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Keywords:- Social Security, Medicare, Cybercrime, Nuclear Proliferation, Economic Collapse, Anarchy, Energy & Petroleum.

Genres:- Political Science, American Government, General, Political Ideologies.

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