Cheney’s Revenge : The Fruit of Shame – by Quixote Merillees

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Niezhsky is back! The hard-drinking detective with the weird sense of humor, still grumpy and unpredictable, is plodding through tedious arson and murder cases with predictable outcomes when his sense of adventure lures him into a nationwide chase. Terrorists have killed two American citizens in Canada, the crime scene indicates the murderers were making bombs. Niezhsky teams up with a Homeland Defense investigator stationed in Minnesota, but the chase takes them to California. In a playground of the spoiled rich, they realize the Assassin’s Target is the President of the United States.  And there are many other targets!

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Keywords:- Bomb, Terrorist, Assassin, Sex, Forensic, Kidnapping, Homeland.

Genres:- Fiction, Mystery, Detective.

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