Caveman’s Montage: The Last Vibration – by Amina Zoë

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The Blake family is an interesting bunch of scientist. Elders show children caveman projections, revealing their exact emotions in real time. As an adult, Milana discovers she is gifted, although her family have known for quite some time. Her mother secretly sends ideas to her children, as they sleep. Milana Blake realizes there is something severely wrong with her life, so she sets on a journey to create an algorithm for living her best life. Meanwhile, caveman projections affect people in her circle. Andrew is confined. Alex, the most innocent, suffers life-altering tragedy. Milana tries holding things together, until realizing folks closest to her are sabotaging her life. After learning the truth about her birth, Milana breaks a spiritual contract with her mother, leaving behind contaminated things, solving her problems, and finding a soul mate who is just as gifted as she is.

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Keywords:- Sensory Gift, Sixth Sense, Empath, Telepath, Caveman, Projections, Soul Mates.

Genres:- Science Fiction & Fantasy.

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