Caitlin and the Café Man – by Ashlee North

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Cascading with every possible emotion, Caitlin and the Café Man is the bittersweet love story of one woman’s struggle to find joy. It is about life and love, of some things lost, and some found.

Caitlin will touch your heart and take you on a roller coaster journey of gains and losses, hope and hopelessness. Each word in the book weaves together a tapestry of what makes Caitlin who she is and who she will eventually become. It tells of her desire for love and meaning, and the ultimate joy. After spending half her life suffering from pain, illness, and sadness, Caitlin finally finds sweet victory.

The woven colours of a life lived so long without true love, open up into a rainbow when Caitlin finds her Café Man.

The path she has to tread to fulfil her soul, live her life, and feel again, will leave you wishing for more, long after the final page.

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Keywords:-Love, Life, Desire, Hope, Joy, Story, Heart.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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