But…It’s My Money – by Gary FitzGerald

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Why does this author purport to know better than any of the other hundreds and possibly thousands of financial services people who have entered your life in a “sure shot – can’t fail” book, investment, or approach that promises the one and only way to get it done?

The answer and the soothing balm for your skepticism lie in the fact that this author has passed on to you the methodologies he has used himself in his struggle to achieve his personal goals. All despite the adversities that plagued his life and put major strains on his personal finances, including divorce, his child’s and his own health issues, a permanent infirmity that prevented him from continuing his career, and a host of other events we term as “life happening!”

Through it all, he designed and put into play the methods and procedures comprising this book. He was his own “guinea pig” as he tested his theories and methods, resolving the glitches and issues until they worked for him. Now they are going to work for you, if you let them!

But…It’s My Money is a guide offering a new dimension of personal finance that will empower you to manage money and make your own decisions in your own best interests, and for the benefit of your family and loved ones.

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