Bluey, the Little Drip – by Philip King

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Bluey is an unusual water droplet. Apart from being blue, he is a happy droplet. Most other drops keep to themselves and hardly ever talk, whereas Bluey hardly ever stops talking!He makes friends with Clara and she guides him and comforts him through their many mishaps, as the two drops travel from spot to spot.Bluey, the Little Drip is the first in a series of storybooks detailing the life of water droplets as they journey around the world. On their travels, Bluey and Clara meet many other characters, such as the “hard” raindrops that absorb little drops like Bluey.Join Bluey on his first evaporation, when he meets Clara and the two get blown around by the Trade Winds, only to become part of a downpour. They land on a windshield and get thrown off by a wiper blade, head down the drains to the water cleansing centre, and end up in a washing machine! Clara is almost lost – having been absorbed by a big dark ugly drop – but Bluey saves her and off they evaporate to their next adventure.All Bluey tales come with a 100 percent guarantee of a happy ending!

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