Blue Speaks Eternally – by Victoria Wagner

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Blue Speaks Eternally is a reminder from the Ocean and its inhabitants about the future of the planet.

Travel with whales as they migrate from the warm waters of Southern California to the changing waters of Alaska, warming into the threats of climate change.

The story is seen through the eyes of a young adult Blue Whale named Kip. Among his tales are the history of his pod family and their amazing survival from extinction, encounters with his ocean friends, and a single dangerous enemy. Startling news from the humans atop the water brings a life threatening message to Kip and all ocean life.

Kip and the voices from the ocean’s creatures tell of the future for the planet due to the unbalance caused by pollution, wars, and ocean acidification, all which lead back to mankind. The choices at the end are offered to everyone.

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Keywords:- Whale Watching, Blue Whales, Whale Hunters, Ocean Life, Sea News, Ocean Conservation, Marine Life, Climate Change.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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