Black Politics 2.0 : Status of Black Politics Prior to and During the Political Advent of President Barack Obama – by Gary James

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Gary James explores electoral politics from the 1960s to present day, providing a portal to black American contemporary politics. His insightful book discusses the internal dynamic between the civil rights and black power juxtaposition.

Two main characters animate the narrative, Spike and CadreUSA, who hold an informal dialogue on black politics from their respective points of view. Apart from the traditional perspectives that are contrasted in the political conversation of African Americans – from Africa to the Caribbean to the American mainland – the election of President Barack Obama in 2008 as the first African American president has overshadowed and colored the conversation among black Americans in particular.

This stunning and politically earth-shattering event had an incendiary impact on the popular political imagination, igniting and inspiring many questions and speculations relative to the trajectory of American politics. Some of these questions, speculations, and perspectives are debated by the two main characters.

The setting is Harlem, and the period is now.

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Keywords:- Politics, Electoral Politics, Black Politics, President Obama, Black President, American Politics, Black Power

Genres:- Political Science.

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