Beyond the Flood – by Shirley Coughlin

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In the Victoria, Australia flood of 1906, much of the surrounding area was devastated. In the novel Beyond the Flood, a young boy named Jemmy and his father are caught in the deluge and drown in a raging creek.
Flash forward to 1985. Bobby, age twelve, his older sister, Gwen, and his younger brother, Jeremy, along with their mum and dad, move into the same house where Jemmy lived and played, until tragedy struck all those years before.
Bobby starts a new school and becomes friends with Justin, who tells Bobby that his house is haunted. Soon after, Bobby starts seeing Jemmy’s ghost who, coincidently resembles his brother, Jeremy. This starts a series of events that no one but Justin believes. Bobby and Justin become friends with Peter Jacobs, a much-decorated WWI and WWII soldier. The old war veteran sheds light on the 1906 tragedy, which leads to a surprising discovery.
Meanwhile severe flooding is once again forecast to hit parts of the small Victorian town and surrounding area. Can Bobby prevent another tragedy from occurring?

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Keywords:- Flood, Creek, Rain, Ghost, Dog, Hero, Medalse.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Action & Adventure, General, Social Issues, Friendship.

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