Betrayal – by Glen J. Card

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Mike Sasq is a man who has found out why the government system is falling apart and failing. He watches his personal world vanish and crumble as he becomes hunted by corrupt cops, the Chinese Government, and others who are trying to kill him. Hiding out in the streets of Vancouver, British Columbia, he doesn’t know friend from foe. The only people Mike can turn to are expatriate Iranians, who fled Iran when the country fell to the Ayatollah’s ruthlessness. Still fighting for their country, the Iranians befriend Mike and hide him in their cloak and dagger world. With the expatriates’ aid, can Mike stop the tentacles of a powerful nation from strangling the world in its grip? Will he be able to help prevent its domination of the countries of the world that would make Adolf Hitler’s vision look like a pipe dream?

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Keywords:- Conspiracy, Iran, China, Corruption, World Domination, War, Murder.

Genres:- Fiction, Action Adventure, Espionage.

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