Beneath and Beyond : The Hidden City – by Claudette Cleveland

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Tashi is bewildered but not fearful when he first encounters the Tall White Beings who have mesmerizing cobalt blue eyes and six fingers. Tashi finds his life paralleling his mother’s nightly stories of his ancient ancestors. The Tall White Beings are a highly evolved spiritual race from another universe. They proceed to train Tashi and others like him to become their human ambassadors. Although these gentle Beings have been present on Earth for millennia, they did not originate from Earth, and they are far more spiritually and technically advanced than humans. The Beings guide Tashi and the other humans into their Hidden City, where they have lived since the sinking of the continent of Lemuria. In the Hidden City they share their way of life, which includes encouraging a healthy planet and shunning greed and power. Tashi and the other humans are educated in the highly complex ways of these Beings, and they even learn to become invisible when presented with danger. Eventually, the human ambassadors are sent to resurrect the peaceful teachings of Lemuria, and the Earth’s very existence may depend on the humans’ success.

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Keywords:- Fantasy Adventure, Action Fiction, Science Fiction, Myth And Legend, Spiritual, Lemuria, Mu, Himalayas, Tibet, Hidden City, Herbal And Energy Healing, Extraterrestrials, Tall White Beings, Mystical Saga, Human Ambassadors, Ancient Symbols, Lost Continent In The Pacific, Earth Changes, Ancient Spacecraft, Ancient Games, Ancient Symbols.

Genres:- Fiction, Fantasy, Sagas, Action & Adventure.

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