Behind the Scenes: A Collection of Short Stories – by Kundisai Mudita

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Behind the Scenes: A Collection of Short Stories features ten short stories that depict contemporary life situations during the hyper-inflationary period of Zimbabwe, Africa. It tells how people of different walks of life responded to the economic situation, while showing the effects of the prevailing economic hardship and how people are immersed in it.

“If Only You Know” portrays critical shortages of basic commodities and equipment in community institutions.

“The Phone Call” depicts a husband and wife separated by the country’s economic situation. The wife in the diaspora no longer understands Zimbabwe’s economic situation, where her husband still lives.

“Diaspora” explains different perspectives of upward mobility as well as diaspora social issues.

“Committed Lodger” tells how some Africans have failed to take advantage of opportunities at their disposal to improve their welfare.

“Crossing the Border” shows how opportunities and challenges as the effects of economic hardships lead to migration.

“She Learnt It the Hard Way” illustrates irresponsible young people unconscious of their future so they negate social values.

“Poverty” reveals how people respond to economic hardships.

“Journey to Mozambique” highlights people’s migration as a response to critical shortages of basic commodities.

“The Chief” describes the moral decay and cultural conflict that can come with globalisation.

“Beyond Christianity” exposes religious sect leaders who take advantage of people’s problems and then abuse them for personal material gains.

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Genres:- General Fiction

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