(Before) : A Journey From < (Within) - by V.H. Alcantar

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I wrote (Before) A Journey From < (Within) because of the certain (Way) I tend to see, which is a feeling from (Within). Perhaps this is even an experience of (One)ness with creation.

Starting with a near-death experience as a child just “(Before),” a child is said to come to know in terms of concepts, I began a search for how and why I tend to see in a certain (Way), more in pictures and less in words.

When reading “split-brain studies” and “two parallel ways of knowing,” I was intrigued with the difference in the contrasting views, and I began to create a model to express the two. I searched through old teachings, some newer, and began to see them in light of these modern findings. A <more (Central) and (Neutral) view began to appear <(Before)> a >sided and >divided view “after words.”

In this work, language is adapted to these comparable contrasts. A (Common Center) is herein found to be (Common) to (All), a (Way) to see to bring together a torn-up world (Before) war.

Therefore, I am seeking a step-back wider more (Collective) view of the “two” to see ourselves and others as (One) from a (Common Center) core (Before)!

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Keywords:-Physical, Natural, Holistic, Universal, Brain, Mind, Analogies.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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