Beewee and Meager to the Rescue : The Underbed Entertainment Network – by Kele Sewell

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Joey prays for help and two imaginary friends appear from under the bed. Bewee is big and Meager is small. They rescue Joey from the pain of the adult world and the three escape into a magical place; underneath Joey’s bed.

THE UNDERBED ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK Whenever Joey throws items under his bed instead of putting them away, they become fair game for the Underbed Entertainment Network, or UEN. Joey rides a roller coaster made of his own underwear and plays in a major league baseball game with his own ball and glove in an imaginary adventure. His mom shakes him back to reality and Joey cries in disgust as he hates his reality. There is a great deal of pain in his home. All he has to do to escape, however, is to call on Bewee and Meager.

Bewee and Meager were imaginary friends as the author was growing up. They were the guardian angels. Like Joey, the author needed more than one imaginary friend because ther were tough circumstances in the home. Bewee and Meager bring a message of hope to children in a tough adult world. 50% of marriages end in divorce. Many children are in pain like Joey because of the break up and need an escape. Bewee and Meager can help.

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Keywords:- Divorce, Children, Imaginary friends, Bewee, Meager.

Genres:- Fiction, General.

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