Beautiful Animal Stories for Good Children – by Kauko Lehti

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From a fragile canary bird to a strong bear, the animals in these ten short stories can speak to one another. A lion may share a secret with a peacock; a frog can explain something to a grasshopper.

In these soon-to-be-classic stories for pre-K children, the animals find out some important lessons about life. Children will delight in learning with the animals that it isn’t good to envy your friends, you shouldn’t look down on others, friends stick together and bragging is bad.

The perfect stories for settling down little ones for a night of pleasant dreams, Beautiful Animal Stories for Good Children are sure to become much-loved favorites to read again and again!

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Keywords:- Animals, Birds, Puppies, Pets, Lions, Show, Christmas.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Animals, General.

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