Bayou St. John – by Arthur Pindle

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Set in 1825, Bayou St. John is a novel about two intriguing fugitives with a master/slave relationship who escape to start new lives in New Orleans. After a series of adventures and complications, they finally become free of their pursuers.

The center of the story takes place at the hotel now owned by one of the fugitives, Jacques, a young French aristocrat who was once known as Count Mathieu. In France, the count won a duel with pistols to the death and fled to America to make a new start. Lucas, a young slave sold to a plantation owner, ends up killing the overseer. He attempts to escape from the dock in Charleston, where he encounters Jacques, who claims the young slave as his own, names him Pierre, and together they board a ship to New Orleans.

More interesting characters enter the scene … a beautiful woman named Yvette Osborne and her brother Henry. Love, mayhem, deception, betrayal and voodoo soon follow, making Bayou St. John a riveting novel with compelling twists. And definitely a book with an edge!

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Keywords:- New Orleans, History Of New Orleans, Antebellum, Antebellum New Orleans, Slavery, Entrepreneurial Slaves, History, Historical Fiction, Underground Railroad, Voodoo, Dueling, Fencing, Ghosts, Paranormal Phenomena, American History, Nineteenth Century History.

Genres:- Historical, Fiction, Action & Adventure.

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