Award Winning e-Books Sampler – General Adult – by Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Co.

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Do you ever get tired of spending hours reading through brief descriptions of e-books on sales sites, looking for a good one, only to find that after you bought one it was not as good as the description led you to believe?

To help make your life a little easier, we have put together this free sample e-book of some of our award winning Children’s e-books. Now, you don’t have to look through thousands of books wondering which one is a good one to buy. They are all good, award winners.

We have selected a wide range of genres and added the front cover, a description page, and the first section of each book in an easy to browse layout for you. This unique sample e-book allows you to read the first part of each book before you buy it, to see if it is interesting to you before you actually buy the full e-book.

By downloading this free sample e-book you can browse through each title at your leisure, and you do not even need an internet connection to preview each title. That means you can read it on an airplane that has broadcast restrictions or in a doctor’s waiting room that doesn’t have a wifi signal. Then, once you have selected the titles you would like to purchase, we have provided the direct links to the Kindle sales page where you can buy the full versions. You don’t even have to worry about searching the Kindle site for them, just click on the link while connected to a broadcast signal and it will take you straight to the sales page.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy finding your next favorite e-books to read.


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