Avoiding the Hatchet Man : Practical Advice for the Employed and Unemployed – by Patrick Connor

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With unemployment at its highest in decades, employees are in need of an ally. Avoiding the Hatchet Man fills this role by offering simple but proven techniques to help employees save their jobs. For those who already are unemployed, road maps designed to identify and assist in obtaining what is rightfully theirs and to guide them in making smart health benefits decisions are provided.
Written by the guy known as the “Hatchet Man” for orchestrating job eliminations across the board in all sectors for more than two decades, author Patrick Connor reveals inside information that will empower employees to regain control of their destiny in the work environment. By giving you the full scoop, you will learn how modifying everyday interactions with your manager can strengthen your job security and, in the event you’re unemployed, how you can protect yourself from company exploitation.
Avoiding the Hatchet Man evens the field with real-life examples of employees who played the game correctly to stay employed. It also helps you understand what others did wrong who didn’t fare as well and found themselves in the surreal world of unemployment. The book encompasses the author’s consulting experiences that were gathered from private, public, governmental and non-profit organizations in the professional, service, manufacturing and retail industries. This is one book that belongs on everyone’s shelf, especially in today’s teeter-tottering economy.
Patrick Connor is a corporate/business attorney in private practice in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

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