As Always, Your God: A Global Message from God to Each of Us – by Modesta Belzer

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You are holding an exceptional book in your hands, a book that is dictated by God via automatic writing and clairaudience.

In it you will find many of your questions answered: Where do I come from? What is the soul? What is life about? Do I have a true love? Why is life so tough? What or who is God? Why are there wars? Why can marriage be so complex? Does God love each of us? What happens when I die? Why is there so much suffering and unfairness? Is there one way to God? Does God love men more than women? Why are there different races? Does God punish us? Is reincarnation fact or fiction? Is there a hell? Is sex a sin?

Many more topics are discussed in As Always, Your God.

Learn about Creation and love. Learn about the many misconceptions we have. This is THE book for men and women searching for enlightenment.

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Keywords:- God, Soul, Life, Love, Enlightenment, Bliss.

Genres:- Mind, Body & Soul.

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