Apocalypse Mars (9781608608225) – by Gene M. Cumm

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In Gene M. Cumm’s Apocalypse Mars, America’s best undertake a 15-year endeavor to save planet Mars from a cataclysmic event, ensuring the survival of our own world.

America’s unmanned spacecraft Viking III detects seismic tremors on the red planet. If left unchecked, the result could be catastrophic for both Mars and planet Earth. In order to keep the public panic level down, the government and NASA devise a secret program called Project Vulcan, to counter the Martian threat. Vulcan quickly develops the necessary spacecraft and performs a series of challenging spaceflights to determine if a team can meet the rigors of a Mars mission and the best course of action to stop Mars’ spiraling internal pressure increase.

Just before the hand-picked astronaut team begins the historic flight to the red planet, a massive explosion occurs on Mars that lifts the veil of secrecy about the true mission of Project Vulcan and a worldwide focus emerges. The astronauts begin their most challenging journey ever—a two hundred million mile voyage to the surface of Mars. Can they successfully find the hidden passages to the core of the planet, and can they relieve the internal pressure before time runs out? What will be the results of their efforts—can Mars and Earth be saved?

Cumm’s seamless plotline weaved with factual data, unforgettable characters, and razor-sharp dialogue makes for an extremely satisfying read that sweeps the reader along effortlessly to a powerful conclusion.

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