Angels, Babies & Bad Guys – by Dolly Ogawa-Amsk

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Father Rossi is the pastor of a small parish in an older area of Los Angeles who finds himself with a medical problem that seems impossible. While he is wrestling with the realities, God decides to send him Tabbris, the Angel in charge of Free Will and Alternative Solutions.

The medical problem is that his twin that is now growing in his abdomen. The Bishop and Rossi’s uncle Guido Rossini decide that something must be done about his condition. Rose, a bag lady, is enlisted by Tabbris. Father Rossi is not only pregnant, but also on the run. Rose helps Father Rossi hide and escape.

Lupe is a karate instructor who has been Father Rossi’s housekeeper since she got out of jail, convicted of killing her abusive husband. Rossi has two cousins, Joey and Louisa; she’s pregnant and supports him, along with Jimmy and Arthur, a gay couple.

Rossi’s condition tests his faith and his outlook. He realizes that no one has the right to make decisions about someone else’s body. Religion has rules that don’t fit everyone. He wrestles with his dilemma and he empathizes with others who have problems that don’t fit the standard answers. Do gay people have the right to marry? Is abortion a good thing in some circumstances? Rossi is also forced to think about his future as a priest.

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Keywords:- Pregnant Priest, Free Will, Angel, Rapture, Gathering, Defense, Bag Lady.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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