An Evening with Me (9781606935293) – by Gene Di Vita

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Love is a very desired and sought for experience without one knowing the full range of emotions that accompany it.  In the midst of love are euphoria, excitement, passion, and constantly wanting to be in the presence of your lover.  However there is much angst, fear, threats of loss, separation and abandonment coinciding with the exhilaration.

The question arises, “Is the ecstasy of falling in love worth the ever present risk of the despair of losing the love?”  Most do not consider the question at the beginning and proceed to fall in love.  Only after lost love does one question this risk of falling in love again.  Many lovers stay in this question and never resume.  Others continue to pursue the elusive love, but more tenuously, while some brave hearts leap again and again into that unknown abyss that always welcomes

These love poems and stories attempt to express the wonders of love along with the risk, so that lovers may identify and understand their experiences in the world of love.  By no means is this the total picture of love nor will it be identical to your love song, as love is similar and different, universal and individual.

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