Accidental Discovery (9781934925317) – by Maurice Czarniak

Price: $9.99

Surrounded by women who are only too ready to help him give in to his awakening sexuality, Brendan O’Reilly, a handsome young Catholic priest, is considering giving up the cloth when the Archbishop grants him a transfer.

On his way to the supposedly quiet town of Newburn, Brendan takes refuge from a violent storm at a roadside café. It is there that a chance encounter with well-to-do brothel owner Jack Stern flips Brendan’s life upside down.

Switching identities, Brendan assumes control of the brothel and Jack begins preaching about the true nature of Christianity and the meaning of life.

But Brendan and Jack are unaware of the true nature of St. Pious Church until they get a visit from a recently murdered priest. Close to a dangerous secret, they will have to fight corrupt officials and criminals alike if they are going to make it out alive in this funny, action-packed adventure.

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