A Web Story – by JF Clark

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Follow Jake, Najaf, Sally and others, as they experience life and have many adventures and a lot of fun.

Jake, a young basement spider, grew up in a typical spider family. As Jake grows he experiences the usual things; hanging out with friends and even his first love. Jake is also trying to find his place in the community. He learns about the importance of cooperation and how to handle various situations. Changes are coming to the community and they are all concerned how it will affect them. Jake seeks to find answers to help the community.

The young spiders have issues dealing with adults but they find ways to resolve it. We learn about the relationships in Jake’s family. Many spiders are concerned about traditions that may be lost and for the future of their families. Jake has always been taught that the spiders have a positive attitude.  He meets many interesting spiders with distinctive personalities. He has many adventures that are exciting and dangerous, but they are all educational.

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Keywords:- Spider, Growing Up, Adventure, First Love, Action, Emotions, Teaching Values.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Insects, Spiders, Action & Adventure, General.

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