A Soul Whispers : Pictures and poems from a traveler – by Edward Michael Tomasofsky

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Within the pages of the absorbing poetry collection A Soul Whispers: Pictures and poems from a traveler, the reader will find life experiences through the eyes of Edward Michael Tomasofsky. It is a journey of the spirit that spans thirty-five years and three continents. Experience the intensity of love and the chaotic abyss of near insanity. Witness a global trek across sea, ocean, sky and land in search of humanity, with the poet hoping that a better person emerges from the journey. Follow the people he has known, who shape him and save him in a myriad of ways.

These poems will leave everlasting impressions on your soul and will live in your heart. They give us a reason to continue when the world around us shows no avenue out.
They are the souls who whisper to me.

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Keywords:- Poetry, Love, Reincarnate, Hope, Bittersweet, Guilt, Introspection.

Genres:- Poetry, American, General.

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